The ideal fire extinguisher for the kitchen

Temperatures can really heat up in the kitchen. One works with fat and gas and often attention is drawn away from the cooking because the phone rings or the children quarrel. If you then forget the pan with the oil on the stove, a grease fire can easily start by itself. The use of water can have fatal consequences in such case. Even gas stoves or defective electrical devices can cause fires in the kitchen. Depending on the material you need various special extinguishing agents.

Extinguishig grease fires

Once frying fat ignites, do not attempt to extinguish the fire with water. Due to the enormous heat of the inflamed oil, the water evaporates explosively and tears burning fat into the air with in a gigantic burst of flame. Always use an extinguisher Class "F" which is filled with special extinguishing agents to put out a grease fire. Grease fire extinguishers take away the oxygen from the fire of and suffocate it.

For grease fires up to 25 liters, Tectro’s F-Exx 3.0 F is the right one to use. Small grease fires are reliably extinguished with the F-Exx 1.5 F. Both extinguishers are intuitive and easy to use. These extinguishing agents are biodegradable and can be easily mopped up with water after use.

Gas cooker, toaster & Co.

In addition to a special grease fire extinguisher it is often recommended to have a so-called ABC extinguisher at hand in the kitchen. These powder extinguishers are universal extinguishers which are suitable for almost all combustible materials - with the exception of fats and oils. Unfortunately, the fine powder enters even the smallest cracks, so that after use extensive cleaning and perhaps repair is inevitable. The powder is also very aggressive against metals and electrical equipment. Even inhaling the of dust cloud from the dry powder is not considered as being healthy.

Tectro’s alternatives

If you wish to save yourself this cleaning effort after extinguishing, you should use the Tectro fire extinguishers. The F-Exx 8.0 and F-8.0 Bio Exx are suitable for all areas of the household and are true all-rounders. Their extinguishing agents are biodegradable and pH neutral. The sprayed surfaces can simply be cleaned with water after use. The harmful PFOS / PFOA (perfluorooctane sulfonates / perfluorooctanoic acids) have been omitted and also aggressive extinguishing powder is not contained. Both extinguishers are also suitable for use on electrical systems up to 1000V.

With a grease fire extinguisher and an F-Exx 8.0 you will be very well equipped in your kitchen.