Benefits of F-Exx Extinguishers

The F-Exx technology is highly innovative and unique within the segment of portable fire extinguishing systems.

Thanks to the patented elastomer force element the use of propellant gases, aerosols or compressed air has been entirely omitted. This results in both the storage and the use of the extinguishing systems being absolutely safe. Within the composition of the extinguishing agent, special emphasis was placed on the use of environmentally friendly ingredients which are harmless to humans. The F-Exx range of small fire extinguishers have very strong extinguishing performance, easy handling and thanks to the compact dimensions can be used in many areas. They are suitable for use in commercial business, home and garden, leisure or for installing in cars

Easy To Use

All F-Exx® devices can be operated just like an aerosol can and are therefore ready to use easy and fast. The small fire extinguishers feature an ergonomic handle design that is suitable for different sized hands. By utilizing lightweight plastic parts the F-Exx extinguishers are light in weight. All F-Exx extinguishers have a safety device that protects against inadvertent activation. After removal of this securing pin the extinguishing process is initiated by activating the trigger. During extinguishing the F-Exx will operate in any position. The spraying jet can be stopped at any time and manually re-triggered. Due to the simple, intuitive handling of the F-Exx extinguisher it is suitable for any inexperienced user.

Environmental friendliness

Within the composition of the extinguishing agent, great importance was placed on the environmental impact of the ingredients. Conventional fire suppression agents contain substances that are, as a rule not biodegradable and are suspected to cause dangerous diseases. The extinguishing agent of F-Exx does not contain fluorosurfactants and harmful PFOS/PFOA (perfluorooctane sulfonates/perfluorooctanoic acids) are totally absent. The F-Exx is equipped with liquid extinguishing agents, which are biologically degradable. Residues of the agent after spraying can easily be wiped away and the wetted surfaces can be cleaned with clear water. The emptied system can be disposed of in the household waste. Systems which are still unused must be disposed of in accordance with the respective local regulations. The life cycle assessment of the product can be improved, if at the end of service life, the F-Exx systems are maintained by authorized personnel.

No danger of explosion

Contrary to current, conventional extinguishers and extinguisher spray cans on the market place, the F-Exx systems do not contain any aerosol propellants, aerosols nor compressed air. This entirely eliminates any danger of explosion and expansion - even in hot temperatures. There is also no risk even during destruction in the disposal process in the garbage compactor or in the garbage truck. The F-Exx is under a pressure of 2 bar. In case of damage the non hazardous extinguishing agent inside will simply leak out.