Are fire extinguishers toxic?

The question of whether the ingredients of fire extinguishers are poisonous, is a question many people want answered. It may even be this fear that discourages many to purchase a fire extinguisher. However, an all clear signal can be given at this point. In Germany, for several years already all extinguishing agents have had to meet certain requirements. These include the use of non-toxic substances or ensuring that when used properly there is no damage to health.

Pay attention to the type of extinguishing agent!

Depending on type of filling of the extinguisher, you should nevertheless not take lightly the added substances. Extinguishing foam, for example, is less problematic than dry powder. This is because after a fire fighting operation powder can spread out far beyond the fire. The dust cloud of extinguishing salts can thus enter into the breathing air. The extinguishing powder is highly corrosive in combination with humidity. If you get into contact with dry powder, you should by all means rinse your mouth and nose intensely with water and inform yourself on the ingredients. In addition, skin irritations can be caused depending on the substance.

Our recommendation

Upon selecting the extinguishing agent for the F-Exx fire extinguishing systems, our special emphasis was placed on the compatibility with human health and the environment. As such the harmful PFOS / PFOA (perfluorooctane sulfonates / perfluorooctanoic acids) have been left out, which certainly are still in use in conventional extinguishing agents. Other fluorinated surfactants are not used for the extinguishing medium of F-Exx extinguishers. The reason is that these are usually not biologically degradable and accumulate in the body, where they can still be detected years later. The F-Exx 8.o Bio even exclusively contains skin friendly ingredients and has been tested in accordance with requirements in cosmetic patch tests on humans and is classified as harmless. So skin and eye irritation can be eliminated with the use or contact with the extinguishing agent.

Fire extinguishing agents in Germany must therefore comply with the minimum requirements for non-toxicity and health hazards. The technology and the composition of the extinguishing agent of F-Exx are innovative and safe in terms of compatibility with human health and the environment.