The ideal fire extinguisher for the household

If you are considering to buy a fire extinguisher for your home, you can check here what to look out for. Old devices that have gathered dust in your basement possibly for years, you should rather dispose of correctly. Even extinguishers in private households should be regularly checked and maintained. Fire extinguishers that are a bargain at a DIY store or a supermarket are not necessarily the best choice. Usually it is an ABC powder extinguisher we are dealing with. Such extinguishers offer themselves for garages or workshops, but are quite disadvantageous in living areas. This is due to the flour-like extinguishing powder. The ejected cloud of powder severely limits the field of vision. The powder is spread far beyond the source of fire, so that it collects itself in every crack and crevice. In residential areas containing technical devices such as a PC or TV more damage can be done to these devices by the powder than by the fire itself.

Foam extinguishing agent for occupied spaces

You should consider whether a foam extinguisher is sufficient for your household. This is suitable for combating combustible liquids such as gasoline, petroleum oils and solid fire materials such as wood, paper, straw and textiles. As the name suggests, in this case an extinguishing agent is used based on a water-foam solution. Within our F-Exx product line the F-Exx at 8.0 all-round extinguisher is ideal for home use as a handy foam extinguisher. The liquid extinguishing agent is biodegradable and can easily be mopped with clean water after use.

Caution: Danger to life! Grease fires in the kitchen

If you frequently work in the kitchen using fryers, edible fats and oils you should get yourself an extinguisher for grease fires. By all means, you should remember that you should never fight grease fires with a water extinguisher, there is danger to life through a possible explosion of the fat! Suitable extinguishers are fire class "A + F". Within the F-Exx series, our grease fire extinguishers F-Exx F are suitable and are available in three different sizes. By the appearance and feel of a spray can these can be space-savingly stored and are always quickly accessible in the kitchen.