How to dispose of a fire extinguisher?

The service life of a fire extinguisher is limited for reasons of safety. At the latest, when the device is outdated or has been discharged, the question arises on how to dispose of the old fire extinguisher.

Conventional fire extinguishers that are under pressure, must be disposed of properly and do not belong in the household waste. Pressure containers may explode if not disposed of professionally. The extinguishing agents contained in conventional fire extinguishers must not escape into the environment. Please inquire at your local waste management company or at disposal yards and fire protection companies in your area on how to proceed with your old device. Upon purchasing a new device, it is often worthwhile to ask the manufacturer if the old unit can be returned and disposed of properly.

As an alternative to disposal, used equipment or devices can be checked and maintained by specific service providers after the end of the expiry date depending on the manufacturer.

What needs to be kept in mind when disposing F-Exx® extinguishers?

F-Exx® extinguishers are not only convincing by their ease of use and effective extinguishing capacity, but also by their environmentally friendly chemicals. Only substances are used that are compatible for people and the environment. For this reason, individual F-Exx® extinguishers - also ones that are full – may be disposed of into the household waste.

Thanks to the patented elastomer-force element F-Exx fire extinguishers function purely on fluid pressure instead of gas pressure. As this is not a pressure vessel and no propellant is used, there is no risk of explosion at higher temperatures or during the disposal process.

If you plan to dispose of several F-Exx® extinguishers, please inquire for the respective local regulations, for example, at collection points or at waste disposal services in your area.