How to properly extinguish a grease fire

The most dangerous thing that can occur in the kitchen, is a grease fire occurring in a skillet or deep fryer. Fat starts to burn at about 300 °C - and this happens all by itself. Once the frying fat has ignited, do not panic. By all means resist your first impulse to fight the flames with water!

Do not use water!

Water is heavier than fat and immediately goes under the burning oil. Temperatures are so very high there that the water evaporates with an explosion and burning fat droplets tear up into the air in a gigantic flame. In a matter of seconds, one liter of water will turn into 1,700 liters of water vapor mixed with burning fat droplets. In this situation you have no chance to avoid it.

As in most cases, a fume hood with a grease filter will be mounted above the stove with a burning pan, the flames get ample fuel and spread like wildfire into the hood. Kitchen furniture and curtains will be next and before one is aware the entire kitchen will be on fire.

The right fire extinguisher

Since many fire extinguishers containing aqueous extinguishing agents such as foam, they are not suitable to safely extinguish a grease fire. Fire blankets that were formerly frequently recommended that should smother the fire, are also only conditionally suitable, as they can easily burn and catch fire due to the very high temperatures of a grease fire. The idea of smothering the fire is generally correct. A grease fire also needs oxygen to spread out. If the flame is deprived of oxygen, they will inevitably be smothered. So remain as calm as possible and smother the burgeoning fire den with a pan lid before it spreads out. If that is no longer possible, you will need a special fire extinguisher Class "F", which is suitable for grease fires.

Tectro’s fat fire extinguishers

Tectro offers professional fire extinguishers that have been developed specifically to extinguish grease fires. They are available in various sizes and can be operated easily and intuitively. The F-Exx extinguisher series are also suitable for first time users and are maintenance-free. The extinguishing agent based on organic salts is non-toxic, biodegradable and can be simply mopped up with water after spraying. This is a great advantage, especially in the kitchen.

What to do when nothing else works

Only a Class "F" fire extinguisher can put out a grease fire safely and reliably! If your attempts are unsuccessful, call the fire department immediately. If you have already suffered minor burns, water is an effective means for cooling the wound. However, because fat is absorbed into the skin, you should consult a doctor if in doubt.