F-Exx - Make Safety Available.

„Make Safety Available“ is the motto for F-Exx® extinguisher systems.

They have been developed to fight spontaneous, initial fires with simple means and have an immediate effect.

Easy to use

All F-Exx® extinguishers can be operated just like any aerosol spray can and are therefore quickly at hand and ready for use.

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No risk of explosion

F-Exx® extinguishers are only under a pressure of 2 bar. In case of damage they will only leak until empty.

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Thus, damage can be prevented and lives can be saved. F-Exx® systems have been designed in such as way that no propellants, aerosols or compressed air are required for extinguishing. The extinguishing agents are made without any harmful, irritant substances and emphasis has been laid upon the use of biodegradable ingredients.

360° - Sprayable from all positions

Eco-friendly - no propellant.

No aerosol - by noatec®

Due to their intuitive handling, high performance and non hazardous storage, F-Exx® fire extinguishers are suitable for many applications.

You can buy the ideal fire extinguisher for your needs in our online shop!

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